Welcome to Wolfe Webscaping, where we do a howling good job at landscaping YOUR corner of the Web!

The following services are included in each package to varying degrees. If you would like a customized site, then the services are applied according to your company's needs.

Web site Design

Basic Plan: Design or Re-design of one (1) Webpage
Standard Plan: Design or Re-design of a personal Website (< 10 pages)
Commercial Plan: Design or Re-design of one (1) small business/marketing Webpage
Small Business Plan: Design or Re-design of a small business Website
Corporate Plan: Design or Re-design of a corporate Website

Graphic Design

Basic Plan: Posters, leaflets, booklets, business cards
Sales Plan: Marketing, print advertising, Web advertising

IT Support

Desktop & Laptop Computer: Tech support for desktop & laptop computer hardware (Windows & Apple), peripheral hardware - printers, scanners, external drives, cables, networks, etc., & software (Windows & Mac OS)
Computer Set-up: Install new software and/or remove unnecessary/unwanted software
Mobile Phones: Tech support for Apple, Android, & Windows mobile phones, including USB connectors, firmware, & software (applications)

NOTE: If the technical issue is minor, the solution(s) may be provided via FaceTime or Skype. If this is the case, please contact Wolfe Webscaping via e-mail with your FaceTime number or Skype UserName.

Preferred method of contact is by e-mail, however if you need to speak with someone immediately, you may contact Wolfe Webscaping by phone, FaceTime, or Skype. Please e-mail Wolfe Webscaping for the phone number, FaceTime number, or Skype Username.
You will be required to communicate with Wolfe Webscaping on a regular basis, no matter which package upon which you decide.

For the final product to be excellent, excellent communication is extremely important.


Payment for contract jobs is due at signing of the contract and may be made by cash, cashier's check, or money order.
Payment for IT services is due at time of service and may be made by cash, cashier's check, or money order.

* If a check is returned, it will be assessed with a Return Check Fee of $20.00, due as cash, cashier check, or credit card before any further work will be completed. *

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