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Current Clients

These are Web sites and projects that are currently under construction. Take a look to see how they develop.

Kristen Wolfe Music : Local pianist & organist who plays for church services, weddings, funerals/memorials, parties, and other celebrations.

Atacon Tutoring : On-line tutoring services for students at all levels of schooling; Includes test preparation for SAT, AP, CLEP, Praxis, & MTEL exams

Lisbon (NH) Church of the Epiphany : Local Episcopal Church in Lisbon, NH

If you are the contact person from one of the current clients, please contact us with any added suggestions or questions. Thank you.

Previous Clients

BJWolfeJr : Medical/Dental Damage in America

Bobcat Knob : A log cabin retreat on Lower WIlson Pond/Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine

Catamount Carving : Wallace Stimson's stone and wood hand-carving business in Bath, NH

Degesch America : National pesticide company, headquartered in Weyer's Cave, VA (Designed previously as Boyer Webscaping)

James Madison University Student Employment Office (Designed during enrollment in JMU CS-IT program; Re-designed since then)

James Madison University Bookstore (Designed during enrollment in JMU CS-IT program; Re-designed since then)

Wolfe Webscaping designs or re-designs Web sites for clients.
We are NOT responsible for any content within these Web sites. Clients are responsible for their own content.